In 2013 Dean Heitman had a vision to create a workout that inspired and made people smile whilst training. His passion for drum & bass & fitness paved the way for the totally Shredded workout and he compiled a methodology that was different to anything else the group exercise and fitness industry had ever seen.

Dean became one of the first fitness instructor mcs in the UK and created a teaching style that is bespoke to the industry. With help from his wife Stephanie, they both worked tirelessly to push their brand out to the UK fitness world and in 2014 was given the opportunity to showcase the class at a national fitness convention. Totally Shredded became a success story from there


The brand has grown across the UK , europe and is now a concept that any instructor can train in. Totally Shredded fitness also now offers full instructor training in their focus pad workout padfit, hiit house and plyogility with more fitness concepts being created.

Totally Shredded also had a vision of creating a clothing brand and now has the sister company totally Sassy & Totally Solid. Totally Shredded has an ethos that no matter who you are and if you believe and work hard enough every dream can be a reality.

The Class

Totally Shredded incorporates combat & HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training ). It has shown to reduce body composition by shredding inches from the body. It also has strength & conditioning properties, cardio vascular benefits & metabolic boosting advantages.

The class is designed & developed for any fitness level & we believe that combining the music & atmosphere will leave you exhillirated & wanting more. This addiction is real.

The Benefits

  • Burn calories & fat in a short space of time (participants have noted calorie expenditure at 500 to 1000 calories per class)
  • Weight loss benefits
  • Strengthens the heart & lungs
  • Has shown to increase your bone density
  • Majorly reduces stress Reduces our risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression & anxiety
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Confidence boosting elements